Starfyre Willowstream

female fire mage and leader to the group; she is the one who calls for help.


What you see -

She wears armour with a 2-handed sword down her back, accompanied by a bow and quiver of willow arrows. She carries a long ornate staff with a flame effect and a long spear with two snake heads at each end. Her hair is golden with signs of crumpled autumn leaves in the tangles.

On occasion she will be dressed in a red dress and lucky people may see her skin purpleish in the absence of light.


Intro -

She is determined to stop Old Man Winter and has been told, reluctantly, that a group of normal humans could help defeat the god!

Summerian and Moon Elf -

she is trapped inbetween two races. Her father is Lord Summer and her mother was a Moon Elf (named “Witch Elf” by humans) princess, Riverstar.

Starlight -

she is currently in an irrisistable relationship with the prince and future king of the Moon Elves; he was her childhood sweetheart!

Starfyre Willowstream

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