Moses Q Strativarious

tall, hippie-like clothes; long hair, bandana


Loner -

He often is on his own, deep in thought or meditations. His headband, with a mathing armband, is white with a red stripe in the middle of his forehead and matching red end that protrude out of his hair in the back.

Negative -

he thinks himself highly over others, with the exception of Starfyre who stands eye-to-eye with him. He takes offense with being called a “sissy” or any other name because of his long hair and he is easily angered… especially if someone cuts it! He usually wears his hair free, but sometimes wears it in a braid when nessessary.

Martial Arts -

don’t deal with him unless you know the same or better!

Smile -

he hardly ever does; unless it’s sarcastic… or he’s drunk!


Martial Arts -

self-taught in the streets as a boy, he managed to survive enough to enter the wild alone. Another source tells that he learned the art from a certain race of elves, but that would only date him at least ten-thousand years old. He met Starfyre when she aided in relieving him from a slave spell under a well-known enemy of Starfyre’s. He is, reluctantly, in debt to her.

Moses Q Strativarious

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